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1.    Because of his success as a comedian, directors were loath to consider him for ________ roles.
A. supporting

2. The aspiring candidate’s performance in the debate all but ________ any hope he may have had of winning the election.

3. She is the most ________ person I have ever met, seemingly with an endless reserve of energy.

4. In spite of the (1) ________ vista of the country, dismantled by war and its development clogged by illiteracy, locals like to (2) ________ their nationalism.

Blank 1 Blank 2
diverse flaunt
chaotic curb
static conceal

5. Liharev flirts with being both a nihilist and an atheist during his life, yet he never does ________ faith in God.

6. Existentialism can be used to (1) ________ evil: if one does not like the rules of society and has no conscience, he may use existentialism as a means of (2) ________ a set of beliefs that are (3) ________ to him but injurious to others.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
rationalize converting adverse
thwart impugning asinine
condemn justifying advantageous
Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3

7. These categories amply point out the (1)__________ desire that people have to express themselves and the cleverness they display in that expression; who would have believed that the drab, (2) ________ DMV would become the (3) ________ such creativity?

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
acquired mundane inhibitor of
fundamental incorrigible catalyst for
Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
platonic inspiring censor of

8. This argues well that Erikson exercised less free will than Warner; for even though Erikson was aware that he was misdirected, he was still unable to ________ free will.

9. Located amidst the colossal green hills, what might have otherwise been a (1)_______ airfield in (2)_______ part of the North assumed the overtones of the battlefield.

Blank 1 Blank 2
picturesque an estranged
combatant an exquisite
stark a war torn

10. Though most explicitly sexist words have been replaced by gender-neutral terms, sexism thrives in the ________ of many words.

11. We landed at the airport with (1)_______ notions of the country as (2)_______ country where many parents are alleged to have sold their children in exchange for food.

Blank 1 Blank 2
unwarranted an impotent
germane an impoverished
preconceived an opulent

12. Man is violent; therefore, any theory of conflict resolution between nations that (1)___________ to account for this is (2)__________ flawed.

Blank 1 Blank 2
declines inherently
consents pejoratively
fails manifestly

13. Ironically, the foreign affairs policies of democracies are more likely to meet with protests than similar policies of totalitarian regimes because a democracy is ________ protest; whereas in a totalitarian regime, no one is listening.
impassive to
indifferent to
imperiled by
sensitive to
inured to

14. Although the buildings and streets of this small beach town appear (1) ________, the property values are quite (2) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2
expensive high
dilapidated pedestrian
refurbished reasonable

15. Though he claimed the business was (1)___________, his irritability (2)___________ that claim.

Blank 1 Blank 2
expanding vindicated
static belied
sound affirmed

16. The rules of engagement for United Nations troops stationed in Bosnia prohibit deadly force unless all ________ actions have be exhausted.

17. Despite its lofty goal—truth—many scholars maintain that law as a ________ is a highly regulated street fight.

18. Some argue that American politics have become so (1) ________ that politicians will argue merely to gain power, and the subject of debate is often (2) ________. The vigorous dispute over where to place a comma in the Republican platform, for example, was motivated not by any significant change in meaning but by a desire not to show any (3) ________ to the other side.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
antiquated negligible ambivalence
polarized exigent deference
homogenized convoluted favoritism

19. The citizenry had become so (1) ________ by the president’s (2) ________ that the latest financial scandal did not even make the front page of the newspapers.

Blank 1 Blank 2
jaded indiscretions
disgusted magnanimity
fascinated peccadilloes

20. In these politically correct times, it has become ________ to discuss certain subjects at all.

21. Although the stock market has experienced strong (1) ________ in the past two years, there have been short periods in which the market has (2) ________ precipitously.

Blank 1 Blank 2
sluggishness fallen
growth stabilized
stagnation increased

22. Her ________ attitude toward child-rearing was complemented with plenty of love.

23. The interviewer was startled to hear the otherwise gracious author make the ________ remark: “My novels are too sophisticated for the American public.”

24. The judge openly associated with racist organizations; nevertheless, he showed no ________ in his decisions during his career.

25. The condemnatory (1) ________ of critics directed toward Steven Spielberg’s latest film attests to the fact that the pretentious critics have lost sight of the purpose of movies: (2) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2
drivel to entertain
laud to correct
circumlocution to convert

26. Suicide is the outcome of man’s difficulty to ________ himself in society, so he does not feel isolated.

27. It is a situation with a hard, practical edge which raises issues of life-threatening (1)_______. Therefore, it demands to be addressed with cool, clear-headed (2)_______.

Blank 1 Blank 2
evidence pragmatism
immediacy erudition
existence involvement

28. The general accused the senator of naiveté for ________ that air strikes alone could stop the aggressors.

29. Hundreds of citizens showed up to (1)________ the planning commission’s master plan for regional centers, claiming that adding 800,000 additional people to the metro area by the year 2020 would cause (2)__________ and gridlock.

Blank 1 Blank 2
celebrate overcrowding
amend bathos
protest duplicity

30. Though ________ toward his own material needs, he was always magnanimous toward others.

31. The intelligence community should not be (1)________ for not foreseeing the fall of the Soviet Union; even Hedrick Smith, author of The Russians, stated in 1986 that the Soviet Union is the world’s most (2)_______ society.

Blank 1 Blank 2
applauded arbitrary
castigated stable
engendered conscientious

32. Although prices (1) ________ during the fuel shortage, the suppliers actually saw (2)___________ in profits.

Blank 1 Blank 2
fluctuated a windfall
decreased a loss
increased a boon

33. In the 1950s, integration was (1) ________ to most Americans; now, however, most Americans accept it as (2) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2
an anathema sporadic
welcome desirable
common mandatory

34. A more admirable character would have been one who overcame his (1) ________ impulses and became good; rather than one who merely lacked the (2) ________ to be bad.

Blank 1 Blank 2
ire serenity
compassionate patience
evil sophistication

35. Although World War II ended more than half a century ago, Russia and Japan still have not signed a formal peace treaty; and both countries have been (1) ________ to develop more (2) ________ relations.

Blank 1 Blank 2
reticent controversial
inimical hostile
obstinate amiable

36. Some are born with a (1)_______ to commit suicide, whereas some commit suicide because they are unable to bear (2)_______ changes in their lives.

Blank 1 Blank 2
predisposition cataclysmic
prognosis inimical
prodigy perpetual

37. Today, plastic has proved to be a (1)_______ to the environment; the world over, steps are being taken to ban the (2)_______ and non-recyclable material, which has silently taken over our lives.

Blank 1 Blank 2
perquisite non-ecofriendly
menace ominous
boon cacophonous

38. Despite its (1) ________ and safety in treating some of the most incapacitating forms of depression and anxiety, it has not been widely (2) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2
usefulness renounced
ineffectuality accepted
potency commenced

39. Despite her age, she has a silly and ________ sense of humor.

40. There are different and (1) ________ versions about what happened in the city, but one thing is certain: it a dastardly act that must be condemned (2) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2
complementary commensurately
falsified unequivocally
conflicting promptly

41. By (1)________ celebrities from the sports, entertainment, or business arenas, the show narrates the stories of the (2)________ newsmakers from all walks of life.

Blank 1 Blank 2
narrating influential
profiling ordinary
parading pedestrian

42. Behind their strange appearance and (1)________ for carrion, which has long singled them out for fear and loathing, hyenas present a (2)________ society in which females dominate.

Blank 1 Blank 2
penchant realistic
aversion matriarchal
chary monarchal

43. At the cutting edge of research, scientists are developing new sunscreens of both ________ and internal varieties.

44. Although the AIDS epidemic is in the limelight, there is a silent killer (1)_______ through India, killing more people than AIDS itself. The (2)_______ is that, unlike AIDS, this disease is easily cured.

Blank 1 Blank 2
rampaging conundrum
digressing conflict
alleviating irony

45. Knowing that she was overshadowed by many other actors, Julianne recognized that she was indulging in a bit of ________ when she wondered whether Michael was the greatest living actor.

46. Their courage is only ________; a small show of strength is enough to call their bluff.

Answers and Solutions

1.    dramatic
2.    nullifies
3.    vivacious
4.    chaotic … flaunt
5.    lose
6.    rationalize … justifying … advantageous
7.    fundamental … mundane … catalyst for
8.    exert
9.    picturesque … an exquisite
10.    implications
11.    preconceived … an impoverished
12.    fails … inherently
13.    sensitive to
14.    dilapidated…high
15.    sound … belied
16.    alternative
17.    profession
18.    polarized … negligible … deference
19.    jaded … indiscretions
20.    precarious
21.    growth … fallen
22.    austere
23.    enigmatic
24.    prejudice
25.    drivel … to entertain
26.    integrate
27.    immediacy … pragmatism
28.    advocating
29.    protest … overcrowding
30.    neglectful
31.    castigated … stable
32.    increased … a loss
33.    an anathema … desirable
34.    evil … sophistication
35.    reticent … amiable
36.    predisposition …  cataclysmic
37.    menace … non-ecofriendly
38.    usefulness … accepted
39.    youthful
40.    conflicting … unequivocally
41.    profiling … influential
42.    penchant … matriarchal
43.    tropical
44.    rampaging … irony
45.    hyperbole
46.    bravado

1.    If the public expects a comedian to always make them laugh, then they might not accept a comedian in a serious role.  Hence, the directors would be loath (reluctant) to cast a comedian in a dramatic role.

2.    The phrase “all but” implies that the debate was a make-or-break event for the candidate.  Suppose the candidate did well.  Then his spirits would be high, and we would expect the missing word to be positive.  However, a positive word in the phrase “all but ________ any hope” is awkward.  Hence, the candidate must have done poorly in the debate and had his hopes for election nixed.  So we turn to the answer-choices looking for “nixed.”  It’s not there, but a synonym—nullifies—is.

3.    Since no connecting word—such as and, for, so, etc.—follows the comma, the phrase “seemingly with an endless reserve of energy” defines the missing word.  Now, a person with an endless reserve of energy would be lively, which is the meaning of vivacious.

4.    Recognize that the phrase “dismantled by war and its development clogged by illiteracy” is in apposition to the first blank. Such description would best be described as chaotic. The phrase “In spite of” lets us know that the locals do not feel how one would expect them to about their country. Thus, instead of feeling what we’d expect—disgrace—they take pride in their country, or flaunt their nationalism.

5.    “Yet” draws a contrast between what one would expect an Atheist to do (renounce faith in God) and what Liharev did (maintained faith in God).  In other words, he did not lose faith in God.

6.    This is an example of a multiple blank question in which the answers heavily depend on each other. The sentence following the colon is in apposition to the sentence in front of it. For this question, perhaps the easiest blank to answer first is Blank 3, “_____ to him but injurious to others,” which can be solved without referencing the rest of the sentence. “But” sets up a contradiction between “injurious” and the blank, which must mean “beneficial,” or advantageous. Now, reread the entire sentence with “advantageous” in the blank. If someone is performing acts that help himself but hurt others, the first blank must mean something like “support.” The word here, then, is rationalize. Reread the sentence with both blanks filled in. If a person is rationalizing evil, then they are “supporting”—or justifying—that belief system.

7.    Start with the second blank. In the sentence structure—“drab, ______ DMV”—one can deduce that the blank is synonymous with “drab” — mundane. Now, turn to the third blank. The phrase “who would have believed” implies that the reality is the opposite of what one would expect.  Now, one would not expect the drab DMV to be a catalyst for creativity. Return to the first sentence. If people are inspired by a drab location, then people’s desire for expression must not come from the exterior, it must come from within—it is fundamental.

8.    The sentence implies that even when Erikson knows he is taking the wrong path in life, he still cannot stop.  That is, he cannot exert free will.

9.    The sentence implies that the location, though having splendid natural settings, is distressed by the ongoing battle. We can observe from the structure of the sentence that both blanks explain the natural beauty of the location. The author implies that if the location had no overtones of the battlefield, it would have been a picturesque airfield in an exquisite part of the North.

10.    The sentence is saying that although a word may not be explicitly sexist it may contain sexist connotations or implications.

11.    One would reasonably assume, preconceive, that a state where parents are alleged to have sold their children in exchange for food is an impoverished state. Note, “impoverished” is the second-best choice for blank two. Although an impoverished state is probably impotent, impoverished describes the situation better.

12.    Since man is violent, any useful theory of conflict resolution must incorporate this fact.  Thus, any one that fails to account for it is inherently flawed.

13.    The clause “whereas in a totalitarian regime, no one is listening” implies that a democracy does listen to protests.  In other words, it is sensitive to protests.

14.    “Although” sets up a contrast between what the property values are (high) and what one would expect them to be in a dilapidated (run down) community.

15.    If the business were not sound, his irritability would belie (contradict) his claim that the business was sound.

16.    The word “exhausted” implies that all other actions (alternatives) have been tried.

17.    The sentence is pointing out that as a practical matter the legal profession pursues the truth through a rough and tumble path.

18.    The second sentence contains the phrase “for example,” indicating that it provides clarification for the previous sentence. An argument over where to place a comma, then, indicates that the subjects of debate are often negligible (insignificant). If sides are arguing merely to gain power over the other side, then politics have become polarized. Finally, if both sides are struggling for power, then they wouldn’t give in—or show deference to the other side.

19.    A financial scandal is an indiscretion; and it may not have made the front page because the public was jaded (worn out) by an excess of scandals.

20.    The sentence is suggesting that it is risky—or precarious—to discuss certain subjects regardless of what you say.

21.    “Although” sets up a contrast between what happened in the market over a two year period (growth) and what happened in some shorter periods during that time—it fell.

22.    A complement is something that makes up a whole, bringing it to perfection.  Of the answer-choices offered, only austere could complement “love” in such a manner.

23.    We are told that the author is gracious, yet she makes the churlish comment: “My novels are to sophisticated for the American public.”  Such a comment would be considered enigmatic, as it is so out of her character.

24.    “Nevertheless” points out a contrast in how the judge felt (prejudice) and how he acted (without prejudice).

25.    “Condemnatory” implies that the word in the blank must mean something negative—drivel. The word “pretentious” indicates that the writer believes that the critics take themselves and movies too seriously.  That is, the main purpose of a movie is merely to entertain.

26.    Man is a social being; to function properly, he needs to be an integral part of society. When a person fails to integrate himself into society, he often feels alienated and incomplete, which, without a social support system, can lead to suicide. The author believes that those who commit suicide do so because they are unable to integrate themselves into the society.

27.    According to the author, the core issue involves a hard, practical point that is to be dealt with a pragmatic approach. Pragmatism means “practical approach.” The author stresses the immediacy of the situation since it is raising life-threatening issues.

28.    The general is accusing the senator of being naive (unsophisticated) for believing—or advocating—that air strikes alone could stop the aggressors.

29.    People are likely to protest a plan that they believe will cause gridlock. If they are protesting it, then, it must cause more negative effects, such as overcrowding.

30.    “Though” sets up a contrast between “magnanimous” (charitable) and neglectful.

31.    The sentence is implying that no one could have foreseen the collapse of the Soviet Union, so the intelligence community should not be criticized—or castigated—for also not foreseeing it. The author gives an example of an expert, and if the author is defending the intelligence community, then the expert must not have foreseen it either, seeing it rather as a stable society.

32.    In a shortage, fuel prices would increase. The sentence is pointing out, however, that in spite of the higher prices the suppliers saw a loss in profits.
33.    The sentence is pointing out the difference between the attitudes of people in the ‘50s and the attitudes today.  If Americans accept it today, then it used to be a curse—or an anathema—in the 50’s. The opposite of a curse would be desirable.

34.    The writer is pointing out that one who overcomes evil is more admirable than one who is born simple, lacking the sophistication to be bad.

35.    If no peace treaty has been signed after 50 years, then the countries are probably reticent (reluctant) to develop more amiable (friendly) relations.

36.    The author makes a distinction between two types of people who commit suicide—one type that can’t bear tragic—or cataclysmic—events, and those who are born with an inclination—or predisposition—to commit suicide.

37.    The second clause states that worldwide steps are being taken to ban plastic. The word “and” joining the two clauses of the sentence indicates that the first clause should provide a reason for the worldwide ban of plastic. The reason is that plastic is proving to be a menace to the environment. The second blank needs to be filled by a word that supports the statement and shows the negative consequences of plastic usage. The suitable word is non-ecofriendly.

38.    The conjunction “and” in the phrase “Despite its _______ and safety” indicates that the missing word has a positive meaning because “safety” has a positive meaning. Since the sentence is implying that the drug is useful in curing depression and anxiety, it is expected that the drug would be widely used. But “despite” implies that the drug is not widely accepted.

39.    The word “age” in the sentence implies that the missing word is characteristic of age. Youthful fits well: Despite her advanced age, she has a youthful sense of humor.

40.    The word “and” in the phrase “different and ________ versions” indicates that the missing word is similar in meaning to the word “different.” Now, different versions of an event can be conflicting. Furthermore, a dastardly act needs to be condemned unequivocally.

41.    The show was organized to tell the stories of successful celebrities. By profiling these celebrities, the show narrates the stories of the influential newsmakers from all walks of life.

42.    Since hyenas eat carrion (decaying flesh), they have an inclination—or penchant—for it. A society ruled by females is called matriarchal.

43.    The word “both” in the statement implies there are two different types of sunscreen. Since one is internal, the other one should be external or at least of a different type. The choices “territorial,” “atmospheric,” “regional,” and “polar” do not imply the opposite of internal. However, a “topical” treatment is applied to body surfaces, usually the skin. This is the opposite of internal treatment.

44.    The first sentence describes AIDS as a big threat; it also describes another disease that is unreported and is on a greater rampage. Yet, the author says there is a cure for this silent killer. It is ironic that the silent killer causes more harm than AIDS, yet it is curable.

45.    The statement implies that Michael is certainly not the greatest American actor but seems to Julianne by comparison. To believe him to be the greatest actor would be to indulge in hyperbole.

46.    The word “only” in the first clause limits the meaning of courage: They have courage, but only to a point. The word “bluff” in the second clause indicates that their courage is merely bluster. This is the meaning of bravado.