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Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

University’s Feedback: Why Study Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State?

Our undergraduate programs provide a first-rate experience for students interested in careers as diverse as numerical analyst, bio-tech researcher or motor-sports designer.

Our mechanical engineering programs prepare students for a variety of professional options. Though a majority of our graduates choose to go directly to jobs in industry, others attend graduate school to further their technical education or to engage in ground-breaking research. Still others enter professional schools such as business or law.

We offer concentrations in energy and environment and computational mechanics, or students may choose mechanical engineering without concentration. Both concentrations and the general mechanical engineering major give students a rigorous technical background as well as a variety of experiences solving real and timely engineering problems.

Many of our students hone their creative and leadership skills through engagement in one of several extra-curricular activities supported by the school. There are many mechanical engineering student organizations at ASU such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering are prepared for a career in mechanical engineering through a curriculum that includes study of the principles governing energy transfer, mechanical design, sensors and control devices and the application of these principles to the creative solution of practical modern problems.

The Mechanical Engineering, B.S.E. program at Arizona State University is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

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Our feedback for your shortlisting

Following are the quick facts about Arizona State:

  • Ranked #52 in Mechanical Engineering by US News and World Report
  • Tuition $27,372
  • Average SAT 1020-1280

In our shortlisting, we would place Arizona State University as follows:

  1. Affordability, based on tuition and living expenses: 5 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)
  2. Reputation, based on research, academic strength and ranking: 4 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)
  3. Outcome, based on career success of alumni: 4 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)

Depending on your academic, extra-curricular and other aspects of your profile, you could shortlist Arizona State Universityas your Safe School with a chance of getting admission as 75% or more.