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How to Build a Career in Data Science

Learn about exciting careers in data science at 16 top schools in the US and how to shortlist the best schools for your profile to reach those career goals

What is Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field about scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in either structured or unstructured forms.

From scientific discovery to business intelligence, data science is changing our world. The dissemination of nearly all information in digital form, the proliferation of sensors, breakthroughs in machine learning and visualization, and dramatic improvements in cost, bandwidth, and scalability are combining to create enormous opportunity. Continue reading …

23 German schools for MS in Mechanical [2019]

Key reasons for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany include: high quality of education, low tuition, an attractive job market, multiple scholarships, collaboration between universities and industry leaders, and programs taught in English.

Top 20 Engineering Programs in Sweden

With great working conditions in a thriving job market, Sweden is the ideal country for international students. Learn more about the top engineering programs!

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13 Top MS in Mechanical Engineering [2019 Update]

Learn everything about major specializations for MS in Mechanical Engineering and top schools from USA, Canada, Germany and Australia that you can apply to

MS in Communication Systems

Master’s in Communications & Signal: eligibility, research areas and top schools in the US with their deadlines, rankings, tuition fee and application urls

MS in Bioinformatics for Better Career Abroad [Updated]

Pursue MS in Bioinformatics from top schools including NYU, UCLA, Pursue, Melbourne and Lund to solve data intensive, large-scale biological problems. Get ready for a rewarding career in research, academia or industries.

Top Schools for MS in AI Research

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science and other areas in Artificial Intelligence offered by the top schools in US, Canada and Europe

Best Schools for MS in Immunology

Master’s in Microbiology and Immunology: eligibility, curriculum, research areas and top schools in the US and Canada with their USPs.

Best Schools for MS in Immunology

Master’s in Microbiology and Immunology: eligibility, curriculum, research areas and top schools in the US and Canada with their USPs.

Top 15 Computer Science Jobs in USA

Are you wondering about what job opportunities you will have after completing a Computer Science Master’s Degree in the USA? This article will answer your questions. Average salary for a Computer Science…

16 Top Schools for Machine Learning [2019 Update]

Learn about the top 16 schools in the US for MS in Machine Learning and get proven tips on building your profile to increase your admission chances