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While pondering over how best to demonstrate leadership in your MBA application, you may feel perplexed or at a loss for words.

Well, lets go about it systematically.

Think back and focus on the different areas you have been a part of and try and figure out where it was that you showed initiative and did your best, and make a note of these incidents.

Don’t worry that you didn’t hold strong leadership positions in school. Everyone can’t be the captain of their school, can they?

When approaching the question of what experiences to jot down, introspect and go over the following points –

  1. Evoking enthusiasm in others
  2. Being the one to spot a problem
  3. Using unconventional approaches to solve a problem
  4. Improvising and working with what you have
  5. Dealing with mistakes
  6. Considering different opinions


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To make your essay stand out, a more personalised explanation of how you dealt with situations that required you to make leadership decisions is vital.

Many students have held various leadership positions, but what makes a person stand out is the way he or she handled situations. Very often, a good leader will not only help others grow, but will be happy when these people shine. A good leader is not just about giving orders!

For example, did you as the captain of your basketball team lead your team into a victory by showcasing certain players and helping them realise their potential?

Or have you dealt with a situation where you were confronted with cheating in the most effective way possible?

These kind of instances show how a leader can deal with the most challenging situations and overcome them.

Do you still feel lost? Still worried because you have never held such a position in college?

Don’t be.

It’s never too late and there’s always a way to fix things, just like a strong leader would do!

You can showcase your leadership potential by taking up leadership roles in your own communities.

Find out what you are passionate about and strive to make a difference in that area, preferably over a longer period of time than a couple of months.

Joining something just for the sake of the application will mostly show through the timeline.

Be prepared, take a good look at your community and the areas in which you can be of help and go for it!

While writing an MBA application, remember to showcase initiative.

By being an active helpful member of society, you demonstrate leadership skills. Helping others, either by inspiring them and helping them is an impressive leadership trait to portray in your application.


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