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There are a number of reasons why studying in Sweden is a good idea. Excellent education, great living conditions, a reasonably attractive job market (many experts believe that Sweden has the best job market among all the EU nations, although the jury is out on just how attractive this market is to non-EU students) and plenty of scholarships, are some of the reasons why Sweden is a great destination for higher education.

Another big reason international students choose Sweden to pursue their higher studies, is finances – Tuition and the cost of living in Sweden are considered to be far more reasonable than a lot of other countries offering high quality education. But is Sweden right for your budget? Let’s find out.

Application Fees

The application fee is SEK 900 (around Rs. 6,500).

Tuition Fees

While the expenses you incur will vary according to your program and the university, the annual tuition can range anywhere between SEK 80,000 and 140,000 (roughly Rs. 5,00,000 – 20,00,000).


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Student Union Fees

Joining the local student union is recommended as members of these student unions receive discounts and gain access to a range of activities. Membership to student unions come at a small price, though. Membership fees range anywhere between SEK 50 and 350 (roughly 350 – 2,500).


Textbooks are more expensive in Sweden than a lot of other countries. Students are expected to spend around SEK 750 (around Rs. 5,500) on textbooks. Several students opt to buy used copies of textbooks from their seniors to cut costs.

Living Expenses

Students’ living expenses would differ depending on the city they live in. Stockholm and Gothenburg are generally more expensive than Uppsala, for example. To give you an idea of the costs involved, we’ve sourced some information for you.

Note: The following costs are in SEK.

Rent per month (1BR – City Center)5,000-11,0004,500-7,5003,500-8,0007,000-14,0004,500-7,0005,000-10,000
Rent per month (1 BR – outside CC)4,000-8,0003,500-6,0003,000-5,5004,500-10,0003,000-6,0003,500-6,000
Rent per month  (3BR – City Center)8,500-18,0007,500-12,5008,000-14,00014,000-25,0008,000-11,00010,000-15,000
Rent per month (3BR – outside CC)7,000-12,0006,000-9,0006,500-9,0007,200-17,0005,000-8,0006,000-12,300
Taxi (min. fare)453539453645
Local transport (1-way ticket)26-2921-3022-2525-4025-3525-35
Local transport (monthly pass)600-610530-600500-600790-830480-550700-790
Gasoline (1L)12.5-1511.5-1412-1513-1512.5-1412-15
Utilities (electricity, heating, water and garbage disposal)400-1,200300-1,000320-1,170320-1,0001,050-3,200300-1,000
Prepaid Mobile Tariff (1 min)0.5-1.50.45-20.5-30.45-10.6-10.6-1.5
Internet (10 Mbps, unlimited data)150-360100-330200-350200-300200-300200-300
Meal at restaurant70-80060-80065-80065-95060-80065-700
Water (1.5 L)10-258-2510-2510-2510-258-20
Milk (1 L)9-138-118-159-139-118-11
White bread (loaf)15-3010-2512-2515-3012-2810-22
Rice (1 Kg)15-3010-3012-5017-3520-3524-30
Eggs (a dozen)20-3215-3020-3020-3525-3515-30
Cheese (1 Kg)75-11040-11060-15070-13080-12060-80
Chicken (1 Kg)65-13045-13070-12080-14070-13045-100
Beef/ other red meat (1 Kg)90-22060-16060-180120-250130-20060-140
Apples (1 Kg)20-2512-3020-3020-3020-2315-30
Bananas (1 Kg)19-2510-2520-2517-2620-2315-22
Oranges (1 Kg)15-2510-3020-2515-3015-2016-30
Tomatoes (1 Kg)20-3510-3220-5015-4020-3517-30
Potatoes (1 Kg)8-127-128-118-159-167-10
Onions (1 Kg)8-147-168-157-168-127-17
Lettuce (1 head)10-2010-2010-2010-2518-2012-23
Jeans (1 pair)600-1,000300-920900-1,000600-1,100400-1,000300-700
Summer Dress300-500150-450200-400200-500350-650200-450
Sneakers (1 pair)700-1,000500-1,200700-1,200600-1,200500-1,100600-1,000
Leather shoes (1 pair)1,200-1,500500-2,000500-1,5001,000-2,000700-1,000600-2,000
Fitness Club (monthly fee)250-400300-500170-400260-600250-500200-400
Cinema ticket (1 seat)120-15090-130120-140110-140125-150100-130
Cigarettes (1 pack)50-6050-6055-6055-6060-8050-60


In addition to renting an apartment, cheaper options would include renting a room at a student flat or residence, which would cost you anywhere between SEK 2,500 and 6,500 a month.

Sweden’s rules allow foreigners to buy property in this country and the process should not be too complicated or time-consuming, however, property here is quite expensive.


If you do not have a Swedish identification card or a European Health Insurance card, a visit to a hospital or clinic can cost SEK 1,825-2,300.

Student Visa

To apply for a student visa for Sweden, you will have to pay around SEK 1000.


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