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Master’s degrees are university degrees that are intended to provide the student with advanced, multidisciplinary training aimed at academic or professional specialisation, or to enable the student to embark on research projects.

They involve between 60 and 120 ECTS credits (1-2 years), and are the pre-requisite if one wishes to go on to get their PhD or doctorate. The course of study culminates with the production and public defending of a master’s degree thesis that is worth between 6 and 30 ECTS credits.

To study a master’s degree at a Catalan university, you must contact the university school or centre you wish to attend, to find out the exact requirements, documents and admission procedures set out for each degree. The offer of courses and the application process depends directly on the department or centre responsible for the specific area of knowledge within each university.

Students who, like you, have completed university courses in countries outside the European Higher Education Area, should apply for official recognition of studies beforehand. However, you can enrol on a master’s degree course, without having to have your previous degree officially recognised, if the university that offers the course certifies that you have a level of education equivalent to a Spanish official university degree and that it would provide access to a master’s degree course in the country in which the degree was awarded. Even so, access via this pathway in no way implies the prior official recognition of the degree or its acceptance for any other purpose than providing admission to a master’s degree course.