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If you a European or International Baccalaureate or have competed secondary education in a Member State of the European Union or a state that has signed international agreements of reciprocity, you will be granted university admission to a bachelor’s degree course in Catalonia without having to sit the university entrance exam (PAU), a requirement in Spain for admission to higher education.

First of all, you must apply to the Spanish Distance Learning University (UNED) for accreditation, which will verify that you meet the requirements for admission to university in your country. The accreditation report, which contains the university entrance mark for your country (if not included, it will be equivalent to 5 points), will be valid for two years from the date of issue, admission purposes and for completing enrolment.

Foreign students with accreditation may opt to do the specific phase of the university entrance exams (PAU) to improve their admission mark. University entrance exams for foreign students are also organised by the Spanish Distance Learning University (UNED). For more information on requirements, the process and the documents to be submitted, see the UNED website.

When you finally complete the university pre-enrolment process, you must submit the accreditation issued by the UNED and the specific phase marks, if sat, within the established deadline.


This entrance pathway is not compatible with other university entrance pathways. Students who have gained admission to a Spanish university by means other than the accreditation may not apply for admission via this entrance pathway.