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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students have you counseled?
Over the last three years, more than 55,000 students connected with us to seek our help in their overseas education journey. On popular demand, we launched premium counseling and it has been a huge success in its very first year. Our Premium students have enrolled at their preferred schools in the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden or Australia. You can have a look at their profiles by clicking here.

What guarantee do you offer?
We give you a seven-day – no questions asked – money back guarantee. In addition, if you do not get admission to any of the schools that you apply with us, we help you in applying for the next admission intake for free. Most important, we are committed to helping you succeed. Hence, we don’t limit number of schools to which you can apply or the number of times you ask us to review your essays.

How are you different from other agencies?
We do all our counseling for free! Simply signup to access all our counseling courses for free. You need to pay only when you ask us to shortlist your schools, review your essays and help you with visa.

How can I reach out to you for help?
Click here to chat with us any time. You can WhatsApp, Video Chat, Email or Call us. You can also visit our Bangalore office at 91SpringBoard, 1st Floor, Gopala Krishna Complex, #45/3, Residency road, Bangalore 560025.

Can I make payment by net banking or UPI?
Yes, you can pay by Net Banking, UPI or any other means! Click here to chat with us about alternate payment methods.

What if I am not happy with any individual counselor?
The first seven days of your counseling gives you an opportunity to cancel your account for a full refund in the unlikely event you do not like us.

Can I get some discounts on counseling fee?
Yes! Join our Get Back Your Fee program. Tell your friends how much you love Admission Table. When they buy Premium Counseling, we’ll give you both 10% money back of the fee that you both have paid. You can get up to 100% money back of your fee.

When is the right time for me to join your counseling?
You should join our counseling as early as possible so that we can counsel you at every step and help you prepare your strongest applications for the schools matching best with your profile and career goals. If you start early, we will also help in scholarships.

Is your online counseling as good as those by other agencies?
We guarantee your academic and career success:
1. Improve your admission chances by applying to your best-fit schools
2. Minimize your expenses by applying to schools with lower tuition with scholarships, aid and part-time
3. Strengthen your profile with online courses through our partnership with Harvard and MIT and guidance from IIT, IIM and UCLA alumni

Can you suggest a pricing option for my specific need?
Yes! Here is our custom pricing plan for you:
1. Only school shortlisting: Get up to 10 schools matching with your profile, background and career goals. Rs 12,500.
2. Only essay editing: Get 3 rounds of feedback on your statement of purpose for up to 5 schools. For Rs 12,500 only.
3. Only visa assistance: Get assistance in visa documentation, application and mock-interview practices. For Rs 5,000 only.

How Premium Counseling Works?

In premium counseling, an experienced overseas admission counselor will be assigned to you. You can WhatsApp with your counselor whenever you have any doubts. Your counselor will help you at every step of your admission process, including:

#1 Evaluate Your Profile
Your counselor will evaluate your profile to better understand your academic background, interests and career goals. She will also advise you on building your profile by taking additional online courses or getting involved in social projects to strengthen your application.

#2 Shortlist your target school
Your counselor would shortlist schools based on multiple factors including your profile and career goals, admission criteria, acceptance rate, tuition, ranking and reputation, scholarships, financial aid, salaries, electives etc, giving you a list of your dream, reach and safe schools.

#3 Edit Your Essays
Over multiple feedback sessions, your essay editor will help you write amazing essays and statement of purpose that would present your story in a cohesive, authentic and memorable way and stand out among all the applicants.

#4 Find Scholarships and Financial Aid
Your counselor will help you research about and apply for various scholarships. She will also counsel you on financial aid, part-time opportunities and education loan that would help you in financing your education overseas.

#5 Review Your Applications
Your counselor will help you fill your university applications. She will ensure that you don’t miss out on any critical information and submit all the relevant documents on time and in the right way.

#6 Mock Visa Interviews
Your counselor will help you with visa documentation and interview scheduling. In addition, she would also give you a couple of mock visa interviews so that you are more confident and clear about dos and don’ts during your visa interview.

Who are Premium Counselors?

Pooja Krishna

Pooja Krishna

Lead Counselor

Pooja has counseled hundreds of students over the last six years for admission to the top universities in the US, Canada, Germany and Sweden. She (or Kani) would be your lead counselor and help you at every step of your application process.

Vinamra Santhosh

Vinamra Santhosh

Essay Editor

Vinamra has a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Manipal University and is a published author. She brings on-board her amazing story-telling abilities to help you present your story in a memorable way.

Manish Katyan

Manish Katyan

Profile Analyst

Manish is from IIT Kanpur and IIM Calcutta. He brings on-board his research and analytical skills to help you shortlist the best schools for your academic and career success.

Admission Table continually refined my shortlist to cater my needs and career goals, pushed my thinking on how I presented myself in entirety to the Admissions Committee, and how I could get support of students and professors at schools that I applied.

Ankit Shah

Carnegie Mellon University (MS in CS)

Admission Table was so much more efficient than all those expensive counseling services my friends used. It helped me at every step, and they made the university shortlisting, essays and visa so much less painful. I owe them my admit!

Supreeth Akki

Munich Business School, Germany (MBA)

Selecting the right university is the single-most important factor for the success of your academic and career goals overseas. Thanks to the personalized and timely guidance from Admission Table, I got admitted to my dream university.

Paahuni Khandelwal

University of Texas, Dallas (MS - CS)

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