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5 Insanely Actionable Steps to Your MS Abroad [LIVE Webinar]

“I was hunting everywhere for scholarship. I couldn’t believe when I learnt about a well-defined process to get scholarship. It works because I got scholarship!”, - Jayanth Barman, Currently pursuing MS at John Hopkins University, USA

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Hosted by: Manish (IIT Kanpur & IIM Calcutta) & Pooja (Placed 1200+ students abroad)

12 Smart Tips to Win Scholarships for MS

Studying overseas is expensive!

No wonder, every student who wants to study in the US wants scholarships.

Get tips on funding your overseas education with scholarships! Where to find scholarships, whom to ask, when to apply and how to write scholarship essays are top winning tips for scholarships for your MS in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

19 Scholarships for MS in USA to Check Today

US scholarships including Fullbright, Sekhsaria, R D Sethna, JN Tata, K C Mahindra, Microsoft, Google and Inlaks with eligibility and application process

19 Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Scholarships for international students from Canadian Government and universities with evaluation criteria, scholarship amount, and timeline.

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How to get internships in the US

Tips to find paid internships in the US, preparing for successful interviews and securing work authorization. Start preparing to study in the US!

Financing made easy: student card, bank fee and other tips

A study abroad experience is not exactly pocket friendly. Living in a major city in a foreign country, the terrible exchange rates and the pressure to save money add to your financial woes.

Financing made easy: scholarship, part-time and other tips

Now that you have decided that Graduate School is the right next step, here comes the hard part or infact the most important part of the entire study abroad process – the part how to fund for your Grad School.

No money? Community Colleges offer excellent opportunities!

Ananya is contemplating pursuing her undergraduate studies abroad. However, even before her departure she has been bombarded with tips on how to manage her finances overseas.