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My objective in graduate studies is to prepare myself for my long-term goal of a career in research and teaching in Computer Science. The first step in that direction is pursuit of Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Ever since I was in high school, I wanted to be a scientist. Hence I joined ****, where I chose Computer Science as my undergraduate major. The undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engg. in **** is unarguably one of the best in India and the core courses in the undergrad curriculum have helped me get a sound grasp of the fundamentals of almost all aspects of Computer Science, which is reflected by my position in the top five in a class of 33. At ****, I also discovered the intellectual satisfaction of solving difficult problems on my own. In the summer vacation after the first year, I worked for some time with a research scholar in the department of Computer Science and Engg. This work led to a research paper, “Heuristics for Distributed Knowledge-Based Systems”, which was published in 1994. Because of this and my success in the undergraduate courses, I feel that a career in research is suited both to my aptitude and temperament.

My idea of research in graduate studies is a proper balance of theory and practice. i.e. to get theoretical results and to see, as far as possible, the immediate impact of the same through their implementation. I am aware of the tough and arduous nature of this task and willing to take on this challenge. I believe that I have the requisite intellectual ability, motivation and the willingness to sacrifice leisure for work in order to fulfill my objective of scientific research and the attainment of intellectual satisfaction there from. Thus I believe that I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the research work at Rice University.

The exacting nature of the undergraduate labs in **** has already given me a comprehensive knowledge of systems and systems programming. But I feel that a strong background in theory is essential for a successful career in research in an academic environment. So in order to augment the knowledge of theory, which I got from the core courses, I am trying to learn as much of theory as possible in my undergraduate program. I took two courses on {Algorithms} and one on {Formal Specification and Verification of Programs} for my department electives in the seventh semester and I will be taking a course in {Combinatory} next semester. My credit seminar topic viz. {bf Randomized Algorithms} under the guidance of Prof. Yyy so in theory. Looking at the beautiful results in algorithms, I am sure that I would be exhilarated to get some new exciting results on my own. But implementing the results and proving their practicality would give me greater satisfaction. My one-year B. Tech. Project, under the guidance of Prof yyy, involves the design and implementation of an {bf Optimizer Generator System}. In this, I have to come up with my own idea for implementing inter-procedural may-aliasing.

Currently, my research interests are in Parallelizing and Optimizing compilers and I have worked in both. I am also interested in Algorithms. I am eager to explore some of these in greater depth and make my own contribution, howsoever small, to those fields.

During my preparation for my B. Tech. Project, I read numerous research papers from Rice University. Thus my choice of Rice University for graduate studies is based on a careful examination of the information regarding the faculty members and the research currently going on in your school.

I look forward to joining your department as a graduate student. I am confident that graduate studies in Rice University will prove to be a rewarding task and I shall be able to fulfill my career objectives.