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If you are considering applying to US Universities for Graduate school either MS or MBA, one of the most important components of your application packet is Statement of Purpose. Many refer to it as SOP.

Statement of Purpose – As the name says, “it is a statement or essay about your main purpose of applying to graduate school”. The reality is, not many people apply to Graduate school in US, because it is a lot of time commitment and it takes away so much of your life… Also, there is no point in applying to Graduate school without a proper purpose.  So, US Graduate schools ask students to write an essay with explaining their main reason for graduate school.  What is the purpose of going back to school for Graduate program. The universities typically give all the guidelines for SOP, like how long it should be and how many pages, etc. Your goal is to write it up precisely within the length they specify.

You should have a goal and you should know how you are going to get to your goal and why do you want to get to your goal too.   Universities treat SOP very seriously and they read your SOP. It is very important you write a good Statement of purpose interweaving your goals, your achievements, how will you achieve your goals and what do you really want to accomplish in life, etc.  SOP gives the admission committee to judge your goals and make sure they are in line with the schools’ ethics, capabilities, and standards and provide you all the support to let you reach your goal.  Statement of purpose gives the admission committee to judge your perspective of life, your career aspirations, your ethics, your technical aptitude, your vision for life, etc. The key point is, it is your chance to explain to admission committee why you are going for higher education and what is your main purpose…Universities give utmost importance to SOP.

Statement of Purpose: think, before you start writing

  • Get complete information of the major your are applying and details of that major in the University (you are applying). You might have to create unique essay for each university.
  • See the facilities and number of courses provided in that major. Does it match your interests?
  • If your interests doesn’t match you will most probably be rejected.
  • Some students got rejection letter stating “Your Research Interest doesn’t matches with any of our faculty member so you have been rejected”.
  • Direct experience with your field of study is the best kind to have in your essay.
  • A word of caution: Do not focus solely on your research topic unless this is the standard practice of your field of study and you must outline your thesis. By over relying on your research, you risk your essay sounding impersonal.
  • Even if you have no formal experience, you might still have field experience that counts

Statement of Purpose: keep in mind, while writing 

  • Do the first sentences express all of my main points?
  • Does my conclusion draw naturally from the previous paragraphs?
  • Does any quality, or skill distinguish you from other applicants? Why should College offer you admission? Think about it.
  • Have I been specific? (Go on a generalities hunt. Turn the generalities into specifics.)
  • Could anyone else have written this essay?
  • Regarding the introduction, is it personal? Is it too general? Can the essay get along without it?
  • What about the essay makes it memorable?
  • Remember successful professionals are extremely good at convincing others to invest resources in them.

Statement of Purpose: self-evaluate, when you wrote a few drafts

  • Make your application easy to read
  • Keep your essays to a reasonable length
  • Convey a sense of focus and excitement
  • Emphasize your ability and potential for
  • Self-evaluate for creativity, cohesiveness, research, and synthesis
  • Get your application in early