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The Group Of 8 Universities is a collective of Australia’s best research universities. Often referred to as Go8, this collective includes The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, Monash University and UNSW Sydney. Go8 was founded in 1999 and its Directorate is located in Canberra.


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Go8 universities account for more than half of all Australian research papers with international collaboration. They have a reputation for hiring the best researchers from Australia and around the world, while providing students with an environment that is intellectually stimulating, diverse and academically supportive. Their advanced curricula and research-based learning have helped their alumni take up senior positions in business and government jobs.

The Go8 members allow for credit transfer among their universities.

Unlike the the universities in the US Ivy League, these universities are massive and take in a lot more students.

The staff at a GO8 University would be performing a lot more bleeding edge research and the Universities themselves spend a lot more money on research.

As a result, the academic staff who work at these universities are usually at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

Also interesting to note is that the University of Queensland operates a Level 4 bio-safety laboratory, of which there are only a few worldwide. The University of South Wales’ School of Optometry operates a state-of-the-art colour vision clinic, while Sydney University has the Brain and Mind Institute as well as Royal North Shore and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals as teaching hospitals.


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