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Canadians firmly believe that international education is a key driver of their economy. As a result, they spend more on education compared to the OECD average which is also the second highest among G-8 countries. They maintain high academic standards as well as offer the most affordable education among English speaking countries. Apart from these, lets see what makes studying in Canada special.


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  1. Heaven for innovation and research – Canada’s research universities have been consistently ranked among the top universities in the QS university rankings. These universities have a reputation for excellence in research in sectors like information technology, biotechnology and telecommunications. Important innovations like the TV, telephone, insulin, light bulb and many more are a part of its legacy.
  2. Work as you study – The government has recently made changes in their visa policies, which greatly benefit international students. Now you can a) work off campus without a work permit, b) work off campus for upto 20 hours per week during a regular academic session and c) full-time during regularly scheduled breaks. With an average per hour wage of $11, you can earn up to $220 per week or $10,560 per year. For good colleges, the annual expenses range from $12000 to $15000 and this part-time income can help cover 80% of your expenses c) work off campus immediately rather than waiting for six months. Moreover, if you have a Canadian degree and work experience you can apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada.
  3. Life is good! – Canada is currently ranked 4th on the United Nations Human Development Index. The index takes into account life expectancy, literacy, education, standard of living and income per capita as factors to determine quality of life. Also, the multicultural landscape of the country makes it a safe study destination for you.

“For my higher education I was looking for a place that would expose me to a great mix of quality education, culture & social policies. That is when I came across Canada. All of these factors were reaffirmed when I started my Engineering studies at Carleton University located in the “Silicon Valley” of the North” – Amit Tacker, Carleton University.


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