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Webinar Starts at 24 Oct, THURSDAY @3PM

Hosted by: Manish (IIT Kanpur & IIM Calcutta) & Pooja (Placed 1200+ students abroad)

Catalonia offers university students a prestigious, quality higher education system, with over seven centuries of history and tradition. The system comprises twelve universities —seven public universities, a distance-learning university and four private universities — that serve almost 240,000 students and offer over 500 qualifications. Along with the degree courses, they provide a series of services, such as libraries, teaching laboratories, language services, sports facilities, medical insurance and services, as well as job banks for graduates.

The Catalan universities are renowned worldwide for their excellence in fields as diverse as architecture, design, biomedicine, chemistry, mathematics and economics. Another benefit for students interested in pursuing medicine at one of these universities, is that there are less restrictions regarding entry into the medical profession than other EU countries. In addition to teaching, Catalan universities are known as centres of research, recognised as Campuses of International Excellence.

Compared to several other popular educational destinations, education and living costs are far more reasonable in Catalonia.