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Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL is a test that assesses the English Speaking skills of candidates who choose to pursue higher studies abroad or work abroad. TOEFL is administered via the internet. The TOEFL measures the candidate’s ability to use and understand English at the university level. How effectively a candidate is able to use his listening, reading, writing and speaking skills are tested on the Test.

Students planning to study at a higher education institution, Candidates who would want to secure scholarships, Students and workers who apply for work visas take up the TOEFL.

Colleges, Universities and agencies in over 130 countries accept the TOEFL. Certain institutions have their set criteria or score to be obtained in the TOEFL. The details of the same need to be checked and verified by the candidates.

Frequency of Test

The TOEFL can be taken any number of times, but not more than once in a 12 day time period.

Test Registration

Candidates can register online on the website The test fee varies from country to country. The test registration fee for candidates taking the test in India is $ 170 as of July 2nd 2016.

Structure of the Test

TOEFL tests the candidate’s ability to combine more than one skill such as Reading, listening and then speaking. Listening and then speaking. Reading, listening and then writing. On the basis of the details given above, the TOEFL is divided into 4 Sections.

  • Reading

Duration – 60-80 minutes
No of questions – 36-56
Task – Candidates to read 3-4 passages and answer relevant questions

  • Listening

Duration – 60-90 minutes
No of questions – 34-51
Task – Candidates will have to answer questions after listening to conversations on campus or academic lectures.
After the Reading and Listening Section the candidates get a break for 10 minutes.

  • Speaking

– Duration – 20 minutes
– No of tasks – 6
– Task 1 – Speak on a general question related to family, friends or any social topic
– Task 2 – Candidate will be given two options and will have to speak on either of the topics
– Task 3 – The candidate will have to read a passage which contains information or notice on campus. The candidate gets 45 secs to read the notice. The candidate then gets to listen to a conversation between two people about the notice. After listening to the conversation, the candidate has to speak about the conversation in relation to the notice for 1 minute.
– Task 4 – The candidate reads a passage about any academic topic for 45 secs. The candidate then listens to a lecture on the topic given in the passage. The candidate then summarizes the lecture he has heard in relation to the details he has read in the passage.
– Task 5 – The candidate listens to a conversation for 45 secs. Then the candidate has to speak about the conversation and give his opinion for about 1 minute
– Task 6 – The candidate listens to an Academic lecture on a topic and then summarizes the lecture for about 1 minute.

  • Writing

– Duration – 50 minutes
– No of tasks -2
– Task 1 – Candidate has to read a topic and then listen to a lecture which normally casts doubt on the topic that has been read. The candidate has to write an essay stating how the lecture he heard casts doubt on the topic he has read
– Task 2 – General Essay – The candidate has to write an essay and support an opinion.
– The total duration of the TOEFL test would be 4 hours.

On the Test Day

After registering online and making the payment for the test, the candidate will receive a confirmation via email with a registration number. The candidates should carry a valid identification document on the test day. The valid identification document for Indian Nationals is the passport.

The candidate has to carry the registration confirmation letter and the valid passport to the test center. The name in the identification document should match the details given in the registration document.

If the candidate does not bring the valid identification document in original or if there is any mismatch in the data in the identification document and registration document, the candidate will not be permitted to write the test and the test fee will not be refunded.

 Scoring Pattern

The total score on the TOEFL is 0-120. Each module is scored on a scale of 0-30.

Receiving Official Report and Validity

Printed score reports are emailed approximately 13 days after the test date. The scores received are valid for a period of two years. ETS does not send additional score reports to candidates. If the candidate requires the score report to be sent to institutions or universities. ETS sends the score report directly to those institutions. The candidates will have to pay a fee as applicable.

Paper-based Version

The TOEFL PBT is a paper based test that measures the ability of a candidate to use and understand English in an academic set up. It tests if a candidate is able to use the four main communication skills effectively in a social and academic set up.

The TOEFL PBT has phased out and 96% of the TOEFL is administer through the internet and TOEFL it.