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Every year we help hundreds of students get into top schools around the world.

Many of theses students have great profiles and are able to get into the top business schools.

Also, there are many with average profile, who a with little bit of guidance, are able to get into good schools offering great job opportunities.

As we advise these students, we have seen some patterns and based on that we have ranked schools below.

Top MBA Schools in USA

$1K = $1,000 (approx)
GMATDeadlineAvg Salary
$1K = $1,000 (approx)
1University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)$72K732Sep 18$166K
2Stanford University$71K732Apr 3$163K
3Harvard University$73K731Jan 4$159K
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)$74K728Apr 8$159K
5University of Chicago (Booth)$72K731Apr 4$155K
6Columbia University$74K736Apr 10$153K
7Northwestern University (Kellogg)$72K732Apr 10$152K
8University of California–Berkeley (Haas)$61K726Apr 4$148K
9Yale University$70K724Apr 16$150K
10Duke University (Fuqua)$68K704Mar 20$155K
11University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)$69K720Mar 18$156K
12Dartmouth College (Tuck)$72K722Apr 1$158K
13New York University (Stern)$72K716Mar 15$159K
14University of Virginia (Darden)$62K718May 1$161K
15Cornell University (Johnson)$66K699Apr 10$155K
16University of California–Los Angeles (Anderson)$60K716Apr 16$143K
17Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)$65K690Mar 7$146K
18University of Southern California (Marshall)$63K705Apr 15$151K
19University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)$61K702Apr 6$140K
20University of Texas–Austin (McCombs)$54K702Apr 2$142K



Top MBA Schools in Canada

RankSchoolTuitionGMATDeadlineAvg Salary
1University of Toronto$91K658Nov 20,Feb 19,April 15$105K
2University of Montreal$49K630Nov 15,Jan 15,Mar 15$83K
3McGill University$47K550Nov 1,Jan 15,Mar 15$117K
4University of Alberta$58K550Mar 1$70K
5University of British Columbia$65K550Oct 22,Apr 7$81K
6Western University$112K667Sep 23,Nov 12,Jan 6$103K
7York University$26K550Nov 29,Jan 31,Mar 12$92K
8Simon Fraser University$41K550Oct 25,Jan 17,Mar 20$88K
9Concordia University$41K580Mar 1$64K
10McMaster University$87K600Oct 25,Jan 17,Mar 20$73K


Top MBA schools in Europe

RankSchoolTuitionGMATDeadlineAvg Salary
1Erasmus University Rotterdam$58KRequiredApr 2,Jun 4,Aug 6,Oct 8,Nov 5$133K
2INSEAD$95K680-750Sep 18,Nov 6,Jan 15,Feb 26$110K
3University of Amsterdam$44KRequiredJun 1$151K
4University of St.Gallen$45KRequiredOct 1, Dec 1, Feb 1,April 1,Jun 1
Aug 15
5VU University Amsterdam$16KRequiredFeb 1$68K
6HEC Paris$80KRequiredRolling$121K
7IE University$80KRequiredRolling$100K
8Maastricht University$36K600May 1$131K
9University of Munich$35KRequiredJan 31$85K



Top MBA schools in UK

RankSchoolTuitionGMATDeadlineAvg Salary
1University of Warwick$51K660Jan 15$119K
2University of Cambridge$91K640-730Dec 3$133K
3City University London$58K600May 15$147K
4Imperial College London$68K600Jan 15$110K
5London Business School$108K600Jan 3$133K
6Lancaster University$43K600Jan 15$83K
7University of Manchester$58K600Jun 30$120K
8London School of Economics and Political Science$26K640Jan 15$167K
9University College London$29K600Mar 31$133K
10University of Nottingham$33K580Jun 30$120K


Top MBA schools in Australia

RankSchoolTuitionGMATDeadlineAvg Salary
1University of New South Wales$59K670May 1, Jun 1$109K
2University of Melbourne$61K705Aug 31, Nov 30,Mar 31$87K
3Monash University$60K650May 31,Jul 31,Nov 30$50K
4University of Queensland$55K550May 1$116K
5University of Sydney$35K600Aug 18,Sep 22, Oct 27, Dec 1,Jan 12$52K
6Griffith University$27K550Jan 31$45K
7Queensland University of Technology$34K550Jan 31$45K
8University of Technology Sydney$26K550Jan 15$50K
9Australian National University$33K600Jul 7 , Oct 6,Dec 1$49K
10University of Auckland$49K550Feb 1$51K



  1. Please be aware that tuition fee and deadlines mentioned above may differ every year. Hence, you should confirm tuition fee and deadlines from the school website.
  2. For USA schools, deadline mentioned above is for the last round. However you should aim to submit your application for early deadlines which starts from mid of October.
  3. Salary data for some schools may not be representative as not many alumni report the same.